Team Addaday

About Us

Athletes of all ages, genders, disciplines, abilities and circumstances know that a rich support system and community are critical to long-term success in any sport. Team Addaday was founded with athletes in mind, as an ambassador team comprised of a community representing many disciplines.

Team Addaday athletes act as representatives of the Addaday brand throughout the entire season in both their training and competition. Addaday is a connected fitness company focused on pre-and post-exercise recovery to help people move better and live their fullest. Its devices deliver targeted therapies and techniques used to prime the body for exercise, speed recovery and mitigate injury. Team Addaday athletes are selected through an application process and are chosen as advocates for the spirit of the brand through their active lifestyles.

Addaday is a brand based on connection. We believe that movement and recovery, when used correctly and as a complement to each other, have the power to change lives. We believe in being connected, targeted, innovative and intuitive in all that we do. We believe in a world where the connected healing technology and therapies we innovate and that support our own Team Addaday community, are accessible to keep people moving and living their fullest.

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